Maximize your revenue by higher eCPM and fill rate.

about us

Awesome & Great Services done with professionals.

Adbund is a professional global advertising trading platform that connects sellers with world’s top brands, agencies, DSPs ,trading desks and other global high-quality buyers. Through real-time analytics,yield management,and workflow automation, Adbund provides an one-stop service to maximize a publisher’s revenue.

Our Strengths

  • 1

    Engage with the world’s top buyers.

  • 2

    Available across all Devices, including customized native and video creatives.

  • 3

    Flexible mobile-first solutions for publishers including SDK, JS, API.

  • 4

    Timely & Accurate Payment service.

  • Easy to set up your Adbund account

    Before you start making money, it only takes a few minutes to register an account, create a new App and integrate SDK, so easy!

  • Sell premium Inventory through Real-Time Bidding

    Global ccess to quality ads inventory.
    100% fill rates for every available advertising inventory according to its fair market value.

  • Adbund is a powerful media partner

    Help publishers maximize revenue by our one-stop service.
    Choose ADBUND, choose higher eCPM & transparency.